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    INDULIN W-5 can be used to produce either a cationic or anionic slow-setting asphalt emulsion. It is an easy-to-handle water soluble emulsifier. INDULIN W-5 can be used as a primary emulsifier, stabilizer, and retarder in various other mixing-grade emulsions.

    INDULIN W-5 produces an emulsion with the following characteristics:

    • good mixing
    • good adhesion
    • passes cement mix test
    • stability upon dilution

    INDULIN W-5 is typically stored at temperatures of 38-50°C (100-122°F), but INDULIN W-5 should not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 60°C (140°F) for prolonged periods.
    Agitation and/or recirculation prior to use of the material is also recommended.

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